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When are payments expected for doula services?


All payments are required in full at time of service. Sweetest Nectar LLC is a participating member of the STL Doulas of Color Collective (STLDOCC). STLDOCC is a doula led collective that provides access to doula services for low income families of color. Services are discounted through a reduced sliding scale.

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I understand the importance of doula care, but what are some suggestions to make it more affordable?

  1. Plan, budget, and save

  2. Add doula services to your baby registry

  3. Ask family & friends to gift doula services during holidays/birthday before your due date

  4. Request a customized package that reflects your         budget

  5. Use a Flex Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings  Accounts (HSA)

  6. Set up a payment plan with your doula

  7. Use your tax refund to invest towards prenatal/postnatal health

  8. Barter goods or services for a portion of the cost

What is the payment process for lactation services?


Sweetest Nectar LLC is in-network provider for Aetna & The Lactation Network. Self-pay clients are accepted as well.

  • Self-pay clients: I will provide you with a superbill suitable for you to submit to your insurance. The superbill (which will also serve as a payment receipt) will be coded appropriately to the level of service provided during the visit. You agree to pay me $185 at the time of the visit (cash, check, credit card, or FSA). If the total fee for the visit is greater than the self-pay charge, I will not bill you for that balance. You agree that any fees paid by your insurance over and above the self-pay charge will be paid to me, either directly from your insurance or from you if your insurance sends you more than the self-pay fee. If you have multiples, you agree to pay $275 for the first 3 hours. Follow up visits are billed at $125 for the first hour, $25 for each additional half hour.


  • Aetna clients: I am in-network with Aetna, which means I will submit your fees for Aetna’s consideration. Aetna’s usual and customary allotment for each procedure will satisfy your account; ultimately, each client remains responsible for full payment for services. You are responsible for providing me with accurate insurance information and informing me of any changes in your insurance status; if you do not have coverage at the time I see you, you will be responsible to pay me at my self-pay rate.

  • The Lactation Network: Covered under a different insurance? The Lactation Network offers free in-home breastfeeding support with an IBCLC without any out of pocket cost. You can also verify if you qualify for a breast pump through your insurance. Click on the link to verify your coverage. Provide my name Candice Ward, IBCLC for lactation support. Then schedule a consult online. It's that simple!

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